Synthetic urine: the ultimate hack to how to pass a drug test.

So there is a drug test coming around and then you know your piss is going to land you in trouble. The main problem here is this: how to pass a drug test? If there isn't engine to get the toxins out of your system before the test, is there even a way to get by without getting caught? Surprisingly, yes. There is. The best way to pass a urine test is to use synthetic urine. Perhaps a cheat, but a life saver and keeps you out of trouble.

Pass a drug test

So what is this synthetic urine and how does it work? Basically, synthetic urine is fake urine. It usually comes in powder form. Mixing it with water produces a pee like substance that mimics real urine. These genius life hacks can be found online, and usually comes with temperature pads, and this synthetic urine are the best way to pass a drug test. The question that remains now are; how to pass a drug test using synthetic urine and how does it work?

Synthetic urine is mixed with water and during a urine drug test, providing a fake sample of synthetic urine will produce clear results. However, how do you go about getting synthetic urine into a drug test? If you've asked the question “how to pass a drug test?" then chances are someone else has too. The real challenge is getting the fake urine in. A good answer would be to tape it to the body or use devices like a whizzinator. Yes, those can get you through the test, especially if the test happens to be a supervised one.To gather additional details on how to pass a drug test please visit

Pass a drug test

Drug testing is a common practice, especially for work spaces for making sure that the employees aren't under the influence of any drugs so as to prevent work accidents. There are many kinds of drug tests, but urine tests are the cheapest and most common one and relatively easy to detect any flaws in the system.


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